Risk Assessment and Contingency Plan :


Risks and Strategies for Mitigation :
MEA Catering has taken steps to minimize the risks associated with running its catering business.
In addition, the staff has anticipated several potential issues and proposed mitigation strategies.

• The commitment and dedication of some employees may be lacking or other issues hinder the ability of the staff to follow a work schedule the business may have difficulty servicing the catering orders.

Strategy for mitigation : The recruitment process is key. MEA Catering hires only the most highly trained and motivated among others.
Furthermore, the Chefs will be treated as management staff, with the expectations and demands of any place of employment.

• Low Business - MEA Catering has conservatively estimated its sales projections and growth rates. These estimates are based on success of our marketing strategy, obtaining repeat customers, and securing food service contracts for regular meetings/events.

Strategy for mitigation : MEA closely monitors catering sales to ensure that projections are on track

• Consistent Product Quality - MEA Catering may have difficulty in attaining these goals if there is inconsistency.

Strategy for mitigation : MEA Catering’s skilled Director of Catering who is supported by Executive Chefs that can also supervise food production, presentation and service.

Further, MEA Catering is considering hiring the most successful graduates from the catering institutions in Ghana. Efforts to cross train staff so that more than one person can perform the same job and provide consistency .

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